Issues with Airflow

Are you having trouble staying comfortable?

Make sure you change your furnace filter every season

The worst way to ring in the New Year is with a high electric bill and an uncomfortable home. Airflow may not be something you’ve though about, but it is a critical component of home comfort. In fact, your whole heating and cooling system depends on your equipment’s ability to access and condition the air in your home – trouble with airflow = trouble with comfort.

Here are some issues that poor airflow can cause:

  1. Lower efficiency
  2. Weaker air stream (a.k.a. it takes longer for your home to reach the temperature you’ve set).
  3. Poor indoor air quality
  4. Higher bills
  5. Emergency repairs

Here are some things that cause poor airflow

  1. Closing registers and vents
  2. Loose, collapsed or disconnected ductwork
  3. Planting too close to your outdoor equipment
  4. Dirt and debris on your outdoor condenser
  5. Dirty furnace filter

So, what can you do? These are the things you can do to make sure your equipment is receiving proper airflow.

  1. Change your filter frequently
  2. Have your ductwork inspected once a year
  3. Have your cooling equipment maintained in the spring and your gas furnace maintained during the fall.

Those are the big three! Call your local heating and air conditioning contractor today if you are having issues with airflow.

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